Pressed Eyeshadow Tutorial

You guys wanted it. You asked for it. You got it! Pressed eyeshadows are here! Not only  can these be used wet or dry, but you can customize your own palettes with them! With the help of Z Palettes, Dollup cases and Eco 4 Pan Magnetic palettes, you can decide what the perfect palette is for you. 

The new Pressed Eyeshadow formula applies silky smooth due to grapeseed and jojoba oil. You’ve got your everyday neutrals but your rich jewel tones to amp things up with more colors to come, yay! 

I couldn’t help but gravitate towards Cleo. You guys-I have never seen a color like this before. In all my swatching, this is one of the most unique and special colors. I sort of built this tutorial around it!

Cleo mixed with the more neutral, matte browns makes for a perfect fall look, reminiscent of the falling leaves! I created this look with that in mind.

  1. I first applied Matilda to the crease.
  2. I used Buttercream to highlight my brow bone.
  3. Then, I worked Coco into the outer crease, blending inwards into the crease.
  4. I picked up Cleo with my finger and applied that to the main part of my lid plus the inner corner.
  5. I wet my lip brush and applied Cleo from the inner corner to the center of my lower lid.
  6. I grabbed a little more Coco and placed that along the lower lashline to meet Cleo.
  7. I then created a winged cat eye with 100% Line
  8. I finished the look with 100% Lash on top and bottom lashes.
Oh, and no reason for me looking so angry in this photo. I really wasn't! I was actually quite happy about the pressed shadows!

Ivy Boyd
Ivy Boyd


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