How to Be Productive While Social Distancing

by Kayla Reusche on March 23, 2020

Hey fam! I know a lot of you are staying at home for the next couple weeks whether it be to work from home, take online classes or just to play it safe. While you may be out of your normal routine, you can still be productive while practicing social distancing! Here are seven life-changing tips that will help keep your spirits up & keep you productive during this self-quarantine.

Get Ready for the Day.

I know how easy it is to stay in last night’s pajamas & not brush your hair until 3pm. I get it. I’ve admittedly been there (a few too many times). Trust me when I say getting ready for the day, even if you have nowhere to go, will make you feel ONE HUNDRED times better. Putting some makeup on & wearing nicer clothes can completely transform your attitude & give you confidence to tackle the day!


Make a Schedule (& Stick to It).

Figure out your needs & wants - what do you need to get done today & what would you like to get done today? Now write it down & schedule your day out by the hour. A schedule is a necessity when working from home; it will help you stay on track & see what you need to accomplish by when. Plus, if you’re like me, crossing things off a to-do list is like a form of therapy.

Find What Makes You Most Productive.

I know I’m most productive when I have my diffuser running, a cup of coffee nearby & relaxing music playing. This is what works best for ME & keeps me relaxed & productive. (And yes, all three items contributed to the making of this blog.) If you need to be productive while working from home or just want to get something done around the house while you self-quarantine, turn the music up, open the windows, or do whatever it is that helps YOU focus!


Take Breaks & Get Moving.

PLEASE get up & get moving for the sake of your physical AND mental health. Try to get up every hour or two for a quick change of scenery & to get your body moving. Take a couple laps around the house, go play with your dog for five minutes or get a breath of fresh air out on the patio. These quick breaks will help you come back to work more focused than ever.

Get Some Fresh Air.

It’s amazing what 15 minutes of fresh air can do for the soul. If you’re able to, keep your windows open all day long to keep that fresh air & creative mind flowing. If it’s still cold wherever you live, just open your windows for at least 15 minutes a day. Let me tell you, there’s nothing better than feeling a nice spring breeze when you’ve spent the entire day working inside!

Establish a Designated Work Area.

My couch & my bed are my absolute favorite spots - that’s why I know I can’t work there. In my small apartment, my kitchen table is where I set up to be the most productive. For you, that might be a folding table, a computer desk or an office. Whatever you do, do NOT work from your bed. Your plans for working from home might just change to binge-watching Netflix all day instead.


Drink All the Water.

I don’t know about you, but I am SO good about getting all my water in while I’m at work, but for some reason, as soon as I get home it’s all out the window. Make your health a priority & remember to stay hydrated with at least 60 ounces of water a day. I know it gets annoying having strangers nag at you to drink water, but just do it! Your body & mind will thank you for it.

While all of these tips are simple practices, they can really add up. I'm here to tell you that you can be just as productive working from home as you are in the office as long as you keep these tips in mind.


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