7 Everyday Habits That are Aging Your Skin

by Kayla Reusche on September 05, 2019

Aging skin is inevitable, yet we all long to prevent it as long as possible. Some lucky ladies look like they never age, while some look years beyond their age. So what’s the deal?

Whether you realize it or not, our everyday habits have a huge impact on how our skin ages. While fine lines & wrinkles are nothing to be ashamed of, there are several preventative steps to keep your skin looking as youthful as possible.

Common Habits That are Aging Your Skin

1. Not getting 8 hours of sleep. This probably won’t come as a surprise, but not getting enough sleep can really age your skin. Getting less than the recommended eight hours of sleep can cause bags & dark circles under the eyes. So turn off the TV & hit the hay. Get a full nights sleep, & you’ll find yourself waking up with refreshed skin.

2. Your to-do list is too long. It’s no secret that stress can take a toll on the body, physically & emotionally. Instead of trying to do too many things at once, focus on one task at a time. You may even want to try hitting up a yoga or meditation class! Living stress free (or as close to it as possible) will do wonders for your skin.


3. You’re too rough on your eyes. The under eye area is very delicate, so be kind to your under eyes! Rubbing your eyes too hard & too often can result in wrinkles & fine lines. And don’t forget to give that area special attention with our Antioxidant Boost Pomegranate + Blue Algae Revive Eye Cream! It’ll nourish that delicate skin to reduce puffiness, fine lines & dark circles. Be gentle when applying & use your ring finger to pat the product in. It’s your weakest finger, so it will put the least amount of pressure on this delicate area.

4. You’re getting too much sun. I get it - we all love to have tanned skin. A good tan can make you feel like a new woman, but it can be doing more damage than you think. Not only can frequent exposure to UV rays lead to cancer, but it can weaken your skin cells, too. If you want a good tan without the harmful effects of the sun, try our Instant Glow Aloe + Lingonberry Bronzing Lotion. It gives the most gorgeous nontoxic tan that lasts until you wash it off!

5. You squint too much. Squinting is a hard habit to get past. We do it with just about every facial expression, when the sun is too bright & when we’re having trouble reading. If you’re too familiar with crow’s feet you may have your squinty eyes to thank for that.  Be sure to always keep your sunglasses handy, & if you’re having a hard time reading the billboard, it may be time to visit the eye doctor.

6. You’re using toxic beauty products. You know those products that claim to cure acne within 24 hours? Well, they may not be worth it after all. A lot of conventional skincare (& makeup) products contain ingredients like parabens & phthalates that are linked to hormone disruption. Be conscious of the beauty products you put on your skin as they may actually be doing more harm than good. Look for natural & organic alternatives instead.

7. Your diet is lacking. Don’t just use anti-aging skincare products, consume anti-aging foods, too! Try incorporating more foods high in antioxidants into your diet like leafy greens, fruits, beans & nuts. These antioxidants help ward off cell damage, helping you keep a healthy complexion!

Products to Prevent Aging Skin

While many of our skincare products help prevent aging skin, if you really want to tackle this concern, our Antioxidant Boost Collection is the way to go. Pomegranate Extract is the star of the line, boasting high levels of Vitamin C & antioxidants, which naturally produce collagen & elastin in the skin. This line is is a powerhouse when it comes to helping reduce fine lines, sun damage & hyperpigmentation.

The Antioxidant Boost Collection features:

Another must-have product to help reduce the signs of aging is our Beauty Sleep Organic Rose Otto + Rosehip Perfecting Serum. This serum is packed full of concentrated oils to prevent & decrease wrinkles while moisturizing & improving the overall health of your skin. 

Now that you have the tools for success, you’ll be on your way to rejuvenated skin in no time. If you need help finding your perfect skincare routine, check out this guide to flawless skin or shoot us an email at

by Michelle Garrity on September 16, 2019

The anti-aging product line looks great!

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Such helpful tips. Good skin means good health!

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These are great tips, I love all of my root products!

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These are great tips to help with overall health!

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Love this post. Thinking I need to add Beauty Sleep!

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These are great tips! I’ve been using the Beauty Sleep Organic Rose Otto + Rosehip Perfecting Serum, but I’m excited to try more of the pomegranate product line!

by Charrisse on September 11, 2019

I am all about the consistency of the face and neck creams! I use this over a diy oil combo I make and it feels luxurious before bed!

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One of my favorite root products is the foundation! Love it!

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I love love love the radiance serum. The was my skin feels is so nice. Very smooth. And it smells amazing!


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