6 Uses for Bright Side Blend

by Kayla Reusche on November 07, 2019

Looking for the perfect essential oil for fall & winter? Look no further than our Organic Essential Oil Bright Side Blend! Bright Side is a unique blend of essential oils designed to support a healthy immune system. The warm & spicy uplifting scent creates the perfect cozy environment for the fall & winter seasons!

But this blend doesn’t just smell great - Bright Side’s incredible germ fighting capabilities can also be used to cleanse & purify your home. Just add it to your all-natural cleaning products or DIY’s to fight against germs & sanitize your environment. A mix of citrus and spice, this blend is sure to become a favorite!

6 Uses for Our Organic Essential Oil Bright Side Blend

  1. Diffuse Bright Side for 30-60 minutes when feeling under the weather for a warm & uplifting scent.

  2. Make an immune supporting roller blend. In a 10ml roller bottle, fill with True Blend Organic Jojoba + Sunflower Carrier Oil & add up to 6 drops (2%) of Bright Side. Apply topically to help ward off seasonal threats & illness. We always recommend starting with a lower dilution & adding more as needed.

  3. Make a Bright Side hand cleansing gel. In a 1 oz. PET plastic flip top bottle, combine 1 oz. of True Blend Organic Aloe Vera Cold Pressed Gel & 25 drops of Bright Side Blend. Shake well to combine. Apply to hands & rub briskly until the liquid dries.

  4. Make your own immune boosting hand soap using Bright Side & our Unscented Pretty Everything Soap. In foaming hand soap bottle, add two tablespoons of Unscented Pretty Everything Soap & 9 drops of Bright Side Blend. Fill the rest of the bottle to 90% with warm water. Use within 2 weeks.

  5. Make Bright Side cleaner (for carpets/mattresses or as a soft scrub). In a container with a shaker lid, fill halfway with baking soda. Then add 10-15 drops of Bright Side OEO & fill the rest of the jar with baking soda. Add another 10-15 drops of Bright Side OEO & shake well. As carpet cleaner, sprinkle onto carpet & allow to sit for 30-60 minutes before vacuuming. As mattress cleaner, sprinkle onto mattress & allow to sit for 30 minutes before vacuuming. As kitchen sink cleaner, sprinkle into sink & use a moist sponge/wash rag to scrub. Rinse well.

  6. Make Bright Side scented pine cones. In a 4 oz. spray bottle, combine 4 oz. of Witch Hazel & 40 drops of Bright Side Blend & shake well. Spray 10-15 pine cones liberally & place in reusable storage bag. Seal bag & allow the pine cones to sit in the bag/mixture for 24-48 hours. Place the pine cones around your home for beautiful fall decor & a wonderful immune-boosting scent. (When scent starts to fade, lightly spritz pine cones with remaining mixture)
Now is the perfect time of year to get out your Organic Essential Oil Bright Side Blend! If you love using organic essential oils to boost the immune system, check out our favorite recipes using Tea Tree Essential Oil.
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by Lauren Williams on November 13, 2019

Sweet ideas 👍❤


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