Lisa Frank Leopard Tutorial

Many girls, myself included, remember obsessing over Lisa Frank’s neon animal illustrations. If you were lucky, you had these brightly colored creatures on your backpack, pencil case, trapper keeper and on sheets of stickers. I remember thinking that she was the best artist ever and wishing I could draw things like that. So why be a regular leopard this Halloween when you could be your childhood dream with this tutorial? You can use all Root products to create this rainbow colored creature and I guarantee you you’ll be reminiscing all night long! 

  1. Mix a little bit of Hello Pretty Under Eye Brightener with Diamond eyeshadow to create an opaque white cream color. Stipple onto your upper lip, chin, jawline and eye sockets with a damp Pretty Blender.
  2. Mix a little bit of Lemon Drop with Orange Crush and stipple this on with your damp Pretty Blender.
  3. Using your finger, apply Lemon Drop down the bridge of your nose and in between your brows.
  4. Spray your Pretty Blender with Pretty Mist to revive it and apply Pink Panic Mineral Blush next.
  5. Using your Pretty All Day Gel Eyeliner and Flat Line Brush, create your leopard nose, mouth details and line your eyes in a feline shape.
  6. Apply 100% lash mascara.
  7. With 100% Line, create your leopard spots. It will best if you vary their size and shape. Use both the tip and the side of your liner. 
  8. Now put your hair up in 2 buns or put on a pair of kitty ears and you’re done!

Ivy Boyd
Ivy Boyd


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