Mermaid Halloween Tutorial

Are you a sister of the sea? Born with salt water in your veins? You'll love this mermaid tutorial that's so much easier than it looks! Just grab a fishnet stocking and the following Root products. Fins up!

You will need
Eyeshadows in Mermaid Teal, Mojito, Varsity Blue, Diamond
Pretty Mist
Pretty Blender
Pretty All Day Gel Eyeliner 
100% Lash Mascara 
Pretty Booster in Clear 

Cut the band off your fishnet stocking and trim it to about a 4" wide piece.

Place over your head, covering the areas of your face you want to create scales.

Spray Pretty Mist onto your Pretty Blender and coat with Mermaid Teal.

Stipple onto your skin over the stocking, pressing the color into the skin.

Repeat the same process using Mojito and Varsity Blue.

Carefully remove your fishnet to reveal your scales!

Apply Mojito to the inner corners of your eyes, then Mermaid teal to the outer corners with a wet brush. You can wing the color up at the end if you'd like to create a wave shade.

For an extra pop of light, press Diamond Eyeshadow at the inner corners of your eyes.

Line your lower lash line with Varsity Blue on a wet brush.

Line your waterline and top lash line with Pretty All Day Gel Eyeliner.

Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes.

Create a mermaid lip color by mixing clear Pretty Booster with Mermaid Teal. Apply with a brush on your fingers.

Dab a little Diamond Eyeshadow in the center for extra dimension.

For an extra touch, mix clear Pretty Booster with Varsity Blue eyeshadow and apply to your brows.

Add a turquoise ombre wig and some sea shells if you have them and swim away!


Ivy Boyd
Ivy Boyd


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