Bride of Frankenstein Halloween Makeup

As a makeup lover, I get so excited for Halloween time. There are so many opportunities to create a range of fun looks and I love dreaming up what characters I want to transform into. However, the majority of mass-produced Halloween makeup contains pore-clogging mineral oil and colorants that are not FDA-approved for safe use in the eye and lip area. Not only is that not something you want on your face all night but definitely not your kiddos'!

Our latest tutorial shows you a spooky and safe Bride of Frankenstein look that you can do with all Root products. The beauty of Root's products is that they are all safe for use anywhere on the face, meaning the Halloween possibilities are endless! I loved creating this look and knowing that there were no harmful toxins or chemicals resting on my face. The look is scary, but the ingredients aren't! 

You will need

Pretty Booster Liquid Minerals (I used Light)
Hello Pretty Under Eye Brightener
Mojito, Galaxy and Teddy Eyeshadows
Pretty All Day Gel Eyeliner
100% Line Liquid Eyeliner
100% Lash Mascara
Vegan Shea Butter Lipstick in Foxy
Pretty Blender

Ivy Boyd
Ivy Boyd


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