5 Reasons Why You Need to Clean Your Brushes & Pretty Blender

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Do you know what's lurking in your brushes and makeup applicators? Chances are if you're like me you might not have known the true importance of keeping your brushes clean. Before I knew the importance of washing my brushes and applicators I would go weeks without washing them (gross, I know!) There are so many reasons to keep those brushes clean and I'm going to highlight a few. 

1. Dirty brushes can cause skin irritation. Your brushes collect anything and everything floating around the environment they’re in. Any and all particles collected on your brush will be applied to your face and can cause inflammation and discomfort.

 2. Dirty brushes can cause acne. Your breakouts could be related to using dirty brushes! Makeup brushes can collect dead skin, bacteria, oil, dust, and any other particles picked up during the day, all of which can clog pores and cause acne if not removed before touching that brush to your face!   

Flat KabukiDirty vs. clean PRO Vegan Flat Kabuki Brush 

 3. Dirty Brushes won't apply color as well as a clean brush. Brushes hold on firmly to dirt, oil, and dust but also hold onto other products you've used that brush for. While having an applicator loaded with product in it already sounds like a grand idea I promise it's not! When your brush is full of product it's not going to pick up other pigments nearly as well and it's not going to apply them as well either. A clean brush will apply, blend, and set product properly to help give you that final flawless look.

Flat Vegan Eyeshadow Brush


 4. Pretty Blenders are worse than brushes! We LOVE using our Pretty Blenders and a properly cared for Pretty Blender is one of the most useful tools in your makeup bag. However, Pretty Blenders can be tricky, not only can product build up in them but because they're used wet they present a unique challenge in making sure proper care is taken after or before each use. I prefer to clean my Pretty Blender BEFORE each use (since you need to prep it with water, you may as well clean it) and always allow your Pretty Blender to air dry in the open. A damp Pretty Blender in an enclosed cabinet or bag provides the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. We infuse our Pretty Blender with Vitamin E to help fight bacteria, but it can only do so much. Improper care of a Pretty Blender increases your chances of spreading bacteria to your face which can cause acne and irritation. We always recommend replacing your Pretty Blender every 3-6 months.

Pretty Blender Root FoundationDirty vs. clean Pretty Blender

 5. Cleaning your brushes makes them last longer. Keeping your brushes and Pretty Blender clean will keep them in good shape and help them to stay together. Allow your brushes to dry upside down and the bristles will stay intact and strong for much longer.

How to Wash Your Brushes

CLeaning Kabuki Makeup Brush

  1. Run the bristles of your brush under water and put 1-2 pumps of our Pretty Brush Cleaner in the palm of your hand.
  2. Swirl the brush around in the brush cleaner and clean it thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.
  3. Squeeze all of the water out and make sure there is no soap left in the brush.
  4. Dry in a towel by squeezing on the bristles.
  5. Hang brushes upside down to dry. This will ensure that water won't get into the handle of the brush and break down the glue.
How to wash your Pretty Blender

Cleaning Pretty Blender

  1. Squeeze your Pretty Blender under running water to make it nice and damp.
  2. Put 1-2 pumps of our Pretty Brush Cleaner onto the Pretty Blender and work the cleaner into the Pretty Blender.
  3. Squeeze your Pretty Blender under running water until all soap is out.
  4. Allow to air dry.

Root Brushes Dry and Clean

 Tip: A mason jar or small plant pot with 2-3 rubber bands makes a great holder to allow your brushes to dry upside down!

For a quick and easy way to get your brushes clean and sanitized, use our Fresh Squeezed Organic Brush Sanitizer! Just spray your brush and swirl it around in either our Color Switch or a towel to get it clean. You can also spray our Fresh Squeezed Organic Brush Sanitizer over any brushes or product to sanitize them quickly. 

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Sophie Grow
Sophie Grow


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