Apply Multiple Products with Just 1 Brush

You likely already know that great brushes are the best tools for creating blended, professional results with your makeup. However, it's not always feasible, nor necessary to own separate brushes for each product. We'll show you how to apply your Pearl Powder foundation, Setting Silk, Bronze Powder and Mineral Blush all with the PRO Vegan Flat Kabuki Brush. There is one key product that makes this all possible and it's the Vera Mona Color Switch. Once you see how it works, you'll be adding it to your online cart ASAP! This innovative product makes it possible to do your entire face and eye makeup routine with just a single brush for each! Here's how!

  1. First, apply your Pearl Powder Foundation, buffing onto the skin in smaller circular motions.
  2. Now, run your brush across the surface of your Vera Mona Color Swatch. The textured surface picks up the color from the bristles so that you're ready for your next product!
  3. Dip your brush into your Bronze Powder, applying in an E and a 3 on either side of your face.
  4. Work your brush onto the Color Switch again, removing all of the Bronze Powder. You don't want to have any residue as it could muddy the color of your blush in the next step.
  5. Dip your brush into your Mineral blush next, applying on the apples of the cheeks, blending back towards the hairline.
  6. Color Switch time again! Remove the blush from your brush by working onto the Color Switch. You can flip the textured pad over when you need a fresh surface too.
  7. Now dip into your Setting Silk and apply all over your face, setting all of your beautiful work! 

The Vera Mona Color Switch works just as well for eye shadow brushes too! 

  1. Apply your first color to the desired area of your eye.
  2. When you're ready to switch colors, simply swipe your brush across the Vera Mona Color Switch as you did for your face products and move onto your next color. You can work from dark to light with no color muddiness this way!

The Vera Mona Color Switch is super easy to clean. You can you flip the sponge over to the opposite side before cleaning. When you're ready to clean it, just use 2 pumps of our Pretty Brush cleaner on it, suds it up and rinse. You can use a paper towel to absorb excess moisture or leave it out for a few hours to air dry. Then, just pop it back into it's tin and you're ready to go again!

Ivy Boyd
Ivy Boyd


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