How to Apply Root's Bronze Powder

Our Original Bronze Mineral Powder is a crucial part of creating your flawless Root face. Not only does it warm up any skin tone, it can also be used to subtly contour the face, adding dimension and definition. It only takes seconds and you'll see that it's well worth it!
1. First, open the sifter & tap only a very small amount of Bronze Powder into your lid.
2. Swirl your Kabuki Brush into your lid and tap off any excess.
3. Apply to each cheekbone, then with the remaining product on the brush, blend it in. 
4. You may also like applying it around your hairline  and jaw line for some easy contouring!
5. Imagine drawing a 3 and an E on either side of your face, starting at your hairline, circling along your cheekbones & finishing along the jaw line.
Now that you see just how easy this is and the impact it makes, we’re sure you’ll never skip this step again!

Ivy Boyd
Ivy Boyd


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