Meet Our Cheeky Tints

on July 27, 2015
What if we told you there was a Root product, in handy stick format that could be used to enhance eyes, lips and cheeks? Behold, Cheeky•Tints Matte Lip, Eye & Cheek Tints! These little beauties give you gorgeous matte textures in non-drying formulas that are totally build able. When a product does double duty like this, it not only saves you time rooting around in your makeup bag but gives you a cohesive look by tying your features together. Cheeky•Tints twist up so no need for a sharpener and they are safe to apply to eyes, lips and cheeks! Dying to see how they look on? Check out our latest video on our YouTube channel and make sure to subscribe!

Meet Taylor
If you love our lipstick in Jess, this is like her younger kid sister. Soft, berry mauve.
Meet Flirt
If you dig our Flirt lipstick but love the matte trend, Flirt is your girl. Softy, peachy nude.
Meet Holland
Here’s the stick sidekick to our wild popular Holland eyeshadow. Pale, champagne pink.
Meet Sadie
Inspired by our most popular blush with none of the sparkle and all of the pretty. Peachy pink.

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