3 Ways to Apply Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation

by Abby Burds on July 13, 2015
You already know that your Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation is long-lasting, good to your skin and offers seamless coverage. But, did you know that there are actually 3 different ways to apply it? Choose the method that best suits your skin type and desired coverage. See how it's done in our latest video tutorial!

METHOD 1 • Flat Top Kabuki Brush
Choose this method if you're super short on time or have oily skin. Using a buffing motion, you can build up to your desired coverage.

METHOD 2 • Damp Pretty Blender
Choose this method if you have dry or easily-irritated sensitive skin as the Pretty Blender will help to infuse additional hydration into your skin! This is my favorite way to apply Pearl Powder because I feel like it really melts the foundation into your skin and looks the most airbrushed.

METHOD 3 • Applying as a Liquid
Choose this method if you want the fullest coverage level and prefer applying liquids to powder formulas. You'll want to work quickly as the liquid will dry fairly fast.

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