4 Root Quick Tips

One of my very favorite things about Root is being able to mix and customize nearly every product. Because all of the pigments are safe for use on eyes, lips and cheeks, you have free reign to create custom colors and modifications. As someone that has always liked to experiment and break the rules with makeup a little, I love that Root  is all about this. Nearly every product is multi-purpose! You know what that means? You’re getting double and sometimes triple your money! It makes traveling more streamlined too! 

Here are 4 quick tips that I promise you’re going to want to run and try as soon as you get done reading this! Watch the video tutorial to see all the tricks in action!

  1. Powder to Cream Shadow: By mixing equal parts Pretty Booster in Clear and the Mineral Eyeshadow of your choice, you can create a beautiful, vivid cream shadow. Do the same thing but swap out Hello Pretty Under Eye Brightener for Pretty Booster and you’ll create a matte, pastel version of any shadow!

  2. If you really love a blush color, why not maximize it by mixing equal parts Mineral Blush with Pretty Booster in Clear to create luxurious cream blush and lip color?!
  3. If you love an eyeshadow color so much that you simply must have it on your lips too, all you need is to grab your Pretty Booster in the shade you wear and mix it with your shadow to create a creamy, slightly muted mattified lip color!
  4. If you struggle to find the right shade of nude for your skin tone, just make it! Swipe your favorite Pretty Balm across your hand several times to build up the color. Then, dip a lip brush in your Prime + Conceal Cream Corrector and mix thoroughly. Wa-lah! You’ve got a customized nude lip color!

Now, let's get to mixin!

Ivy Boyd
Ivy Boyd


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