Basic Brow Definition

Eyebrows: we’ve all got ‘em. Chances are, you either wish yours were a little more defined, a little fuller, straighter, etc. You can achieve beautiful brows with just a little brow powder and an angled brush! Here’s everything you need to know about those beautiful brows of yours.

Choosing your shade
Root’s Organic Brow Powder comes in 4 shades. When choosing a shade, look for one that is the color of your roots, or a shade lighter. As you’ll see in the video tutorial, I am using Deep Brown. 

Brow shape
Sisters, but not twins, no one has two perfectly symmetrical eyebrows. Not everyone has an arch either. Some brows are more straight or more rounded. Go with your natural shape. 

See the chart below for a rough idea of where brows should start, arch (if applicable) and end. 

Begin by just barely kissing the tip of your angled brush into your Organic Brow Powder. Working in short strokes, apply to the areas of your brow that are sparse and that you want defined further. Your brows should be lightest at the inner part, getting darker as you work outwards. If you need further instruction, the video tutorial breaks it all down for you! Happy brows-ing!

Ivy Boyd
Ivy Boyd


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