How to Highlight and Contour

You’ve likely heard the term highlighting and contouring thrown around in the beauty world - it is definitely the current beauty craze! You can’t escape it, so why fight it? It’s something that can be done subtly for everyday wear to enhance your bone structure in a natural way. Here are the Root products you can highlight and contour with:

Hello Pretty Under Eye Brightener
Original Bronze Powder
Holland Eyeshadow
Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation
Sadie Mineral Blush
Conceal + Contour Cream Corrector
Pretty Blender
Pro Vegan Angled Eyeshadow Brush
Pro Vegan Flat Kabuki Brush
Eco Luxe Professional Fan Brush 

Check out our video tutorial to see how it’s done!

First, brighten up your under eye area by applying Hello Pretty Under Eye Brightener in an inverted triangle shape and immediately blending out with a damp Pretty Blender.

 Next, apply Conceal + Contour Cream Corrector over the Under Eye Brightener in the same inverted triangle shape, blending out with your damp Pretty Blender again.

Now use that same damp Pretty Blender to apply your Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation as you normally would.

Using the Pro Vegan Angled Eyeshadow Brush, apply a small amount of Original Bronze Powder under the cheek bone, starting at the top of your ear, angling towards the corner of your mouth. 
Grab your Pretty Blender again and lightly tap over the line you created, softening and blending it out.
Now take your angled brush with a bit more Bronze Powder and sweep under your jawline to define.
Using your Pro Vegan Flat Kabuki Brush, apply Bronze Powder to temples and around the hairline.
Our highlighter will mainly be placed in a small c-shape, around the eye area, on the tops of your cheek bones.
Using the Eco Luxe Professional Fan Brush, lightly sweep Holland Eyeshadow on the tops of your cheekbones and if you’d like, the cupid’s bow of your top lip and a little on the bridge of your nose. 
With your fan brush, apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and you’re all done!

    Ivy Boyd
    Ivy Boyd


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