Eyeshadow Transformer Trick


We absolutely loved all of your entries in our “my favorite thing about Root” giveaway! I have to tell you one of my very favorite things about Root is the customizability. I love that I can cater the coverage and formula of the products, mix them together and DIY them to my heart’s content. I’m always finding new ways to use the products and today I’m going to share one of my go-to “Root hacks." Watch it in action in our newest video tutorial!

You will need:

Pretty All Day Gel Eyeliner

Peach Pearl Eyeshadow

Eco Luxe Professional Bent Eyeliner Brush

Eco Luxe Professional Angled Brush

Eco Luxe Professional Flat Brush

Eco Luxe Professional Eyeshadow Blending Brush

100% Lash Natural Mascara

  1. First, dip a flat, synthetic brush into your Pretty All Day Gel Eyeliner. Coat one side of the brush with a thin, even layer of product.
  2. Apply from the lash line, up to the crease, patting gently to lay down the color. Before you think I’m turning you into a raccoon-trust. This is going to be awesome.
  3. Use a clean finger to soften the top edge of the liner where it meets your crease.
  4. Immediately press your eyeshadow on with a clean brush. The gel liner will help it to adhere, minimize fall out, and best of all-it creates a deeper, multi-dimensional new color! While applying your shadow wet enhances the metallic quality, applying over a dark base creates a richer, jewel tone! I’m using Peach Pearl.
  5. Now line your eyes with your Pretty All Day Gel Eyeliner and the bent liner brush. Use the angled brush with makeup remover, concealer or perfecting serum to clean up and sharpen your wing if desired.
  6. Complete the look with 100% Lash Natural Mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

    We would totally love it if you shared some of your creations with us so don’t be shy! Tag #rootpretty on Instagram to show us what shadows you’re loving layered over the Pretty All Day Gel Eyeliner!

    Ivy Boyd
    Ivy Boyd


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