2020 Root Model Search • Term 1

by Kayla Reusche on September 09, 2019


It’s Time to Find 6 New Models to the Join Root Team!

Welcome to the first model search of 2020! We’re holding TWO model searches this year, one in the winter & one in the summer. Each search, we select six fresh faces to represent Root for a six-month term.

Since the very beginning, we’ve only used real customers & ourselves in our marketing efforts. No professional models, super fancy equipment or filters. Just raw, real beauty that represents our nontoxic community.

If you love beauty, creating high-quality content & Root, this is the job for you. No matter your age, style or skill level, all are welcome to apply! If you love creating fun Instagram Stories & tutorials, you’re in luck! Your content will be featured on Root’s social media, website & marketing. Plus, we'll shower each model with Root product, discounts & more!

Here’s a glimpse of the type of photos we’re looking for from Root Models.


Here’s How to Enter

ROUND 1 EXTENDED • September 9 - September 29.

1. Fill out the Round 1 Form here.



2. Upload your HEADSHOT PHOTO to the Dropbox link here.

Show us your pretty face! This headshot photo should show you in the best light. 

Headshot Photo Requirements:

  • Well lit, natural lighting, white background (no sheets or wrinkled backdrops), no filters or effects, high resolution & clarity (not pixelated or grainy)

  • YOU MUST follow this naming convention when uploading to Dropbox: FirstName_LastName_Headshot.jpg



3. Upload your VIDEO SUBMISSION here.

Put on your favorite Root products & tell us why you’d make the BEST Root Model! Don’t have any Root makeup products yet? That’s okay - tell us what’s on your wishlist. 

Video Requirements

  • 1-2 minutes in length, vertical video (just record on your phone!), well lit, natural lighting, white background (no sheets or wrinkled backdrops), no filters or effects, high resolution & clarity (not pixelated or grainy)

  • YOU MUST follow this naming convention when uploading to Dropbox: FirstName_LastName_Video.mp4



4. Post headshot to your Facebook or Instagram with the #rootmodelwinter20 describing why you would make an excellent Root Model.

Feel free to tag us @rootpretty, too!


5. *OPTIONAL* -  Post/upload your video submission to your Facebook or Instagram, & tag @rootpretty/#rootmodelwinter20.

Entry must be officially submitted by Sept. 29 at 11:59pm. 

All participants will be notified via email by Sept. 30 as to whether they will move on to Round 2. If moving on to Round 2, all instructions will be provided at that time. There is no limit as to how many participants move on to Round 2. 


What Does a Root Model Do?

Our 2020 Winter Models will represent our company from Nov. 4, 2019 - April 30, 2020.

  • Root Models must be committed to creating & photographing 2 separate high-quality looks & recording 2 Instagram Stories each month.
  • Root Models will be featured on our website, social media & marketing.
  • Root Models may have opportunities to travel with us to events throughout the year.
  • Root Models will also have opportunities to produce YouTube, IGTV videos & blog posts throughout their term for additional payment.

What are We Looking for in a Root Model?

There is no specific age or look required to be a Root Model. Whether you’re 20 or 60 years old, all are welcome to apply. We want to represent the Root Community as best as possible, so we would love to see a variety of applicants.

When selecting our Root models, we are judging based on the following criteria. Here are some tips!

  • Video Quality This year, we’re paying special attention to video quality. Videos should have exceptional quality & lighting & be filmed against a solid background.
  • Photo Quality The quality of photos submitted also plays a huge role, as models will be producing their own photos. Please submit only high-quality, high-resolution images with a solid white background. Photos must be unedited. Fancy equipment isn’t necessary; we find that you can achieve professional quality even with an iPhone. (We recommend using the "non selfie" side camera).
  • Photo Lighting Natural lighting is key! (Stand facing a window so the natural light shines right on your face.) We do not use artificial lighting. No "pretty" filters. 
  • Creativity Think fun, pretty, fresh & light for photos! Having a creative eye for makeup application & being able to portray this is a huge factor in selecting our Root models, though being a professional makeup artist is not necessary.
  • Personality A Root model will be friendly & excited to be a part of our company. Having a passion for natural products will take you far!

Let’s Talk Prizes

Each model will receive:

  • A welcome package valued at $300+ full of all our favorite Root products & everything they need to get started as a Root Model! 
  • Each month, in exchange for 2 separate high-quality look photos & 2 Instagram Stories, Root Models will receive FREE product & Root discounts! (over $100 total value each month!)

Round Information

Round 1 • September 9 - September 29

Round 1 will focus on both simple photography & video skills. Participants will:

  • Take a HEADSHOT PHOTO showing their pretty face in natural lighting.
  • Record a VIDEO telling us why they’d make the BEST Root Model!

Deadline: Entry must be officially submitted by September 29.

All participants will be notified via email by Sept. 30 as to whether they will be moving on to Round 2. If moving on to Round 2, detailed instructions will be provided at that time. There is no limit as to how many participants move on to Round 2.

Round 2 • September 30 - October 13

All Round 2 Participants’ headshot photos will be posted to Root’s Facebook page on September 30. The public will vote by “liking” photos of the model search participants. Voting will close on Oct. 13. The Top 3 participants with the most “likes” on their photo will automatically proceed to Round 3. 

Candidates will:

  • Submit 2 PHOTOS of themselves applying makeup, demonstrating their makeup & lifestyle photography skills.
  • Film an “INSTAGRAM STORY” describing their makeup they’re wearing & showing a few swatches. 

Deadline: Entry must be officially submitted by Oct. 13.

Round 3 • October 14 - October 31

All Round 3 models will receive a Root Model Pack of various products. Using the products provided in the Root Model Pack, participants will:

  • Submit FOUR PHOTOS: a headshot, close up, arm swatch & product swatch.
  • Film an “INSTAGRAM STORY” walking us through your look, step-by-step. 

We will announce the six 2019 Root Models on November 4, 2019.


  • To enter, you must be 18 years of age (by November 4, 2019) & be located in the US.
  • Winning 2020 Winter Root Models will be committed to fulfilling their roles for the duration of their 6 month term.
  • While we will not claim your photo as our property, by submitting your photo to us you are giving us the right to use that photo on Root's website, advertising & social media.

Please direct any questions to us at: models@rootpretty.com

by Jennifer Duarte on September 30, 2019

I would absolutely love to do this!!! I think I would be a good candidate for the program. I need to get to making a video. I love that you guys don’t make this only available for MUAs only. It’s wonderful you don’t have to be pro to be a model. This makes me want to apply for the position even more. I don’t believe I have a white backdrop is my only worry!!

by Nicole on September 12, 2019

I love seeing the tutorials and tips shared by Root Models, they are so helpful for someone who is still learning!

by Hope on September 11, 2019

Being a roof model is on my bucket list, so I’m going to enter someday when I’m a little older :)
I love root makeup, and y’all’s skincare is the best. My favorite product its so hard to choose would have to be Rose Otto Mist. It’s so light and refreshing! I use it multiple times throughout the day.

by Julia on September 11, 2019

How fun! I’ll share this with my friends!


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