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Hello new friends! Im so thrilled to be here and to meetall of you! Im Ivy, a beauty blogger and freelance makeup artist from Des Moines, IA and Ill be hanging out with you every week via tutorials, tips and tricks! Are you excited? Because I am!


Ive been blogging at my blog, Wake Up For Makeup, since 2012. In my former life, I was a graphic designer in the ad agency world for several years. Once I started doing makeup and blogging about it though, it was like a light bulb went off. More like all the lights lit up on the Christmas tree of my brain! I started working for Sephora where I worked for just under 2 years and served as Senior Education Specialist. I now do lots of freelance makeup and write beauty content for various womens websites. I love everything about the beauty industry and getting involved with an amazing, Iowa-based company like Root is an immense honor for me. When Im not waking up for makeup, I love to hang out with my husband and our 2 adorable but insane cats, go to concerts and music festivals, run and sip some wine while catching up on shows.


Being that Im new to the Root family, and also their powder foundation, Pearl Powder, I thought that I would show you how I found my perfect shade! To preface, I have always worn liquid foundation for the coverage and hydration on my dry skin. A million years ago, I tried another popular mineral makeup and within minutes my skin became super itchy and red! I thought maybe it was the brush so I tried it again when I worked for Sephora and the same thing happened so I said peace out and never looked back. I gotta tell ya-I went into this skeptical, guys. I definitely had some set opinions about mineral/powder foundation and they werent.great.

If you'd like to watch how I found my perfect match, this video shows you exactly how!


I primed and moisturized my face with Pretty Booster Liquid Minerals in Clear. Its key to have well-hydrated skin to try foundation on and I chose clear so that I could really see the true color of the Pearl Powders.



I chose 3 Pearl Powder samples based on my undertone. I know that I am pale so I chose shades at the lighter end of the spectrum that fall in the more yellow/golden undertones. I went with 1, 3 and 3+LGT. I think its genius that Root provides samples for $2.00, or 50% off with code: TryRoot, because for under the cost of a coffee, you can find your perfect shade! Priceless. If youre reading this thinking, undertone who-heres a quick tip! Look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If they appear more green, you likely have yellow/warm undertones. If they are more blue/purple, youre probably cool/pink!



Using a small eyeshadow brush, I then swatched my 3 chosen samples on my jawline. If you are African American, swatch from the center of your cheek towards your jawline. I went light-to-dark and placed the samples in the order in which I swatched them on my vanity to keep track if which was which. Using my finger, I blended each stripe into my skin a bit so I could see the true blended color. Based on this, I found that 3 was my perfect match! Though 3+LGT was close, its still a bit dark, but Im keeping it in mind for summer!


After choosing 3 as the winner, I applied it all over with my Flat Kabuki Brush. Youll definitely want to apply your chosen shade to the entire face to ensure that the shade is right-on. I applied the Pearl Powder dry, being that this is the application method we are most familiar with for powder foundations. I cant wait to try applying it wet and mixed with my Pretty Booster Liquid Minerals next!

Final Results

In short, I was pretty amazed. Not only did my skin not itch one bit, but for someone that needs coverage, I was so impressed that a powder foundation could cover my post-blemish dark spots, melasma and redness! I am telling you-I did not see that one coming. I love the hint of glow in the Pearl Powder because it gives my skin a healthy look that doesnt look at all powdery. Im not a big fan of the matte life. In fact, I bet most people wouldnt be able to tell I was even wearing a powder foundation! I completed my complexion with the Setting Silk, Original Bronze Powder, Sadie Mineral Blush, and Holland Eyeshadow as a highlight-gorgeous!


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I cant wait to share much more with all my new Root friends! Make sure to check back each week for all the fun! Oh, and dont forget to use code: TryRoot to save 50% on the Pearl Powder and Pretty Booster samples.




Ivy Boyd
Ivy Boyd


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