by Krista Dolash on July 13, 2014
We get asked all the time whether our makeup contains SPF.  The answer is yes!  Our Pearl Powder Foundation, Bronzes & Setting Silk contain titanium dioxide or aloe powder which are natural sunscreens, however we do not label our makeup with a SPF.

Why?  It wasn't an easy decision to leave out a specified SPF but after researching we found studies that showed NO makeup can truly guarantee the SPF they put on their label.  This is because makeup is unique in that everyone uses a different amount & applies it differently.  That being said we don't use an added sunscreen for normal daily wear but always recommend wearing a sunscreen under your makeup if you plan to be in the sun for an extended period of time.  Follow the directions on your sunscreen & apply it first, then apply our makeup over top for even more sun protection.

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