Root Review: Root vs 13.1 Miles!

on July 02, 2014
Root Review by Heather Klausmeyer
I am a wife, mom of two active boys, full time work from home employee and a recent half marathon runner.  I love my life and I am blessed beyond belief but I have bad skin.  It started in middle school and I have never recovered.  I am plagued with porous oily skin in one of the most humid cities in the country.  I have freckles and I am starting to get wrinkles as I work my way into my thirties.  I have some discoloration and minor acne scars.  I have the type of skin that will vaporize eyeshadow off into the atmosphere as soon as I put it on my eyelids.  And since I am so physically active I usually do not wear much makeup unless I am going somewhere besides the bus stop.
No Makeup  
Enter Root! My sister mentioned to me that she had tried a new makeup and since her and I usually aligned in our tastes I was interested.  But I already had a pretty well stocked arsenal of the "other mineral makeup" you can find at the mall and I really did not want to buy anymore.  But then I had an idea.  Let me see if this makeup can not only stand up to my horrible skin but also a half marathon in south east Texas in April.
I got the Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation, Original Bronze, Setting Silk, Pretty Pink eyeshadow and Mermaid Teal eyeshadow to test out in the run.  Of course I played with it before the race and I could already tell it was going to be a keeper.  I wore it for 8 hours straight a few days before the race and it looked just as fresh as when I put it on.  I have never had this kind of luck with my skin and the eyeshadow pigments are incredible.  The best part was that I did not feel like I was wearing any makeup at all.  I felt completely natural but looked entirely fabulous!
April 13th was the day of the race and I woke up early to apply my makeup.  I saw on the weather forecast that the day called for 100% humidity.  Yikes!  So not only would I be running 13.1 miles hoping a full face of makeup would hold up, I would be doing it in less than desirable conditions.  I carried on and glammed up around 6am for a 7am race start.  I applied the foundation wet for full coverage and finished it off with some bronzer and setting silk. I used some of the pink eye shadow for blush as well as on my lids and the best part was the teal eyeliner applied wet on both the top and bottom lids. It added some punch to the look.  The race was amazing and I was so excited to make my goal of under 2 hours.  My sister and friends greeted me at the finish line with congratulations and comments about how wonderful my makeup still looked!
 Pre-Race (left) & 13.1 Miles Later! (right)
I really am amazed at the products Krista has designed.  For people like me who can be self conscious about their skin and also have an active lifestyle I highly recommend her makeup.  I feel confident wearing it and have received multiple compliments.  For someone with bad skin, compliments on my skin seem foreign but I anticipate I will get more and more!
I am now trying to figure out which eye shadows I want to order next (I have it narrowed down to 8) and am wanting to get the word out to all my friends and family.  Please try it, I promise you will not be disappointed!
Thanks for sharing Heather

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