No Nasty Fillers!

After wearing nothing but the most popular mineral makeup brand for 10 years I thought there MUST be a better mineral makeup out there! First of all, I was not happy with the coverage & wearability of my "the big name mineral makeup brand". I noticed over the 10 years that quality got worse & worse! Plus, I knew so many people who couldn't even wear it because it made them break out (seems strange that a MINERAL MAKEUP would make someone break out, right?). I began my search for a better mineral makeup & after finding NOTHING I thought, well there needs to be one!  Now here I am launching Root a year later.

If you have ever had a reaction to mineral makeup check the label! It most likely contains Bismuth Oxychloride. After seeing that the makeup I had trusted to be natural contained Bismuth Oxychloride I felt so fooled. Here I thought I was purchasing the most skin friendly & natural foundation around. Wrong! There is NO benefit for Bismuth Oxychloride to be added to any mineral makeup. It is simply used as a filler to create a cheaper product. Bismuth Oxychloride has a crystalline structure where the crystals can actually poke at your skin & get stuck in your pores which can then cause irritation.

We use FOUR ingredients in our Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation & Bronzes, no fillers. Just pure minerals to give you the absolute highest quality mineral makeup you can buy (not to mention at HALF the price of our competition)! We also grind our minerals super fine. The finer the powder - the longer it will wear, which is why Root Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation lasts ALL. DAY. LONG, until you wash it off.

I urge you if you have sensitive skin to give Root a try!  Even if you've had a bad reaction to mineral makeup our foundation is so pure you won't find anything more sensitive skin friendly.




Krista Dolash
Krista Dolash


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