12 Weeks to Newer Skin

by Abby Burds on July 18, 2017

I set out to give the Pomegranate Anti-Aging skin care line from Root a 12-week experimental run after spending a couple months looking for a cleaner and more organic facial care routine. The ingredients looked amazing and I'd heard great reviews for a few of the products, especially for aging skin. However, I was not able to talk to anyone who had used the complete product line exclusively and so I decided I was going to be the one to try it.

My conditions: No scrubs, no masks, no toners, no other products! Only the Pomegranate line which consists of Cleanser, Moisturizer, Night Cream, Serum, and Eye Cream.

I started my experiment with their generous trial sizes, as this was a perfect way to make sure that the products and I meshed well in regards to scent, texture and my skins reaction. I know that Root takes the utmost care and consideration when creating their formulations so even the most sensitive skin should not have a reaction. However, although it’s rare, sensitivities can occur to even the most natural and organic ingredient. But it’s important to know the difference between skin detoxing and a having reaction. I learned from my personal research that when changing skincare, especially a whole routine, a detox may occur during the first month.

The trail sizes lasted me a month and I went on to the full sizes after. When I first received the products, I was impressed with the texture and smells. Smell is a big one for me, and the Pomegranate line had the faintest whiff of spiciness that reminded me of home but honestly after the first week I didn't even notice it. The cleanser was non-sudsy which was new for me but I ended up really liking it. It cleaned my skin well and I became accustomed quickly. I liked how when I washed my face during that first month I could actually feel my pores releasing dirt and oil buildup and I knew that the cleanser was doing its job.

For my Pomegranate routine; I started the day by washing my face with the cleanser, applying the serum and then daily moisturizer. Every couple of days I would exfoliate by applying the cleanser to my face and then using a washcloth to gently massage.

Every evening, before bed and after removing my makeup, I washed with cleanser, applied serum, night cream and then eye cream. When applying the creams I made sure to gently rub when distributing to let them absorb naturally. I always loved this night routine as it felt like a little self pampering before bed.

After the first month (when my skin went through a purging and detoxification stage), my face started feeling and looking really good and while I did still get breakouts they were fewer and far between. They also seemed to cycle and heal faster than before (I attribute this to the amazing, healing, ingredients such as pomegranate extract, jojoba oil and aloe juice).

My skin tone and texture started to even out, and all of the bumpy clogged pores on my forehead and chin began clearing. I've noticed now at the end of my experiment period that they are almost completely gone. The wrinkles around my eyes and mouth seemed to diminish and also sun spots and scars are beginning to fade which is thrilling.

What I really enjoyed about the line was how small of amount of each product I needed to use because they all worked perfectly together to make my skin moist and supple and feeling good, even the cleanser contributed to moisturizing. Dry skin and itchiness have always been a problem for me and since using the Pomegranate line I have not had that issue at all. In fact, my skin has never felt so nice before. There was no greasy residue, no clogging weight to my face, just perfectly balanced skin.

Now that my 12 week experiment is over I am excited to incorporate Root's Toning Peppermint Mask, Peppermint Toner, and Organic Coconut Sugar Scrub into my face care routine. I am really happy that I took the time to see what the Pomegranate products could do for me. The improvements in the last 12 weeks to my 37-year-old skin have inspired me to keep using the Pomegranate line and have also made me imagine what my skin would look and feel like now if I had found this line in my early 20s. I would recommend these products to my family and friends and anyone who is looking for healthier, non-toxic, organic, effective, (oh and did I mention amazing?) skin care.


by Sydney | Marketing Assistant on August 07, 2018

Replying to comment: How did you remove your makeup? Does the cleanser do this for you?

While you can use it as a makeup remover, I would suggest the R&R Makeup Remover for easily removing most eye makeup. If you do not apply much eye makeup, the Pomegranate Cleanser would work perfectly!

by Courtney Fairbrother on August 07, 2018

How did you remove your makeup? Does the cleanser do this for you?


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