Make Your Makeup Beat the Heat

by Ivy Boyd on June 19, 2016

Whether you're going to be a summer bride with an outdoor ceremony or just need to create a makeup look that will look and feel lightweight in the heat, we're here to help! Our latest tutorial demonstrates several of these key techniques in the creation of a summer bridal look.

Proper Hydration
Before a drop of makeup even touches your face, you'll want to ensure that your skin has the optimal moisture levels. This is one of the most crucial factors in makeup lasting throughout the day and night and here is why. If you are dry, your skin will try to literally drink up any drop of moisture it can find and that means in your makeup too! If you're oily, the oils from your skin will seep through and work to break down your makeup. Dry girls will love priming skin with either our Beauty Sleep Perfecting Serum or our Fresh Face Moisturizer. Oily skin still needs moisture so our Pretty Potion Hydrating Tonic makes a refreshing, lightweight primer spray.

When you lightly dust products like Pearl Powder onto the skin, it sits on top of the skin and will rub off easily. If you use a flat top kabuki to buff the product into your skin, it will not only look more like your own but last much longer. You can use this same technique for apply bronzer, blush and Setting Silk too. Which brings us to our next point! 

Setting Silk
This translucent mattifying and setting powder literally locks makeup into place! Setting Silk should be one of your last steps and if you're oily, try applying before foundation too! If you find your eye makeup runs, try setting the under eye area with Setting Silk. This will prevent the emollient texture from your concealer or Under Eye Brightener from mixing with your liner and mascara causing it to smudge.

Multi-Product Brows
You don't want your brows sliding off under the sun or in a sudden rain shower so take a 2 step approach to make them truly lasting. First, define and shape with our Brow Pomade. Next, apply our Natural Brow Powder, which will adhere to the Pomade and lock brows into place.

Lips That Last
Instead of applying your Vegan Shea Butter Lipstick from the tube, try tapping it onto lips and pressing the color in with your fingers. This Pretty Tip video will show you exactly how. This will create a matte longer-lasting stain effect. You can also dust Setting Silk on top to really absorb any oils and proof your pout!



by Moira Cavell on September 01, 2016

Beautiful Ivy!! What shadows did you use? Thanks!

by Stephanie on June 19, 2016

These are such great tips! I tend to wear minimal makeup in the summer because it never lasts – I hate wasting time & product, and feeling my carefully crafted look sliding off my face during the day is SO unpleasant. I’ll have to try some of these suggestions to see if I can get my makeup to withstand our humid, 100° weather!


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