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Create Perfect Brows

by Kayla Reusche on August 20, 2019

You don’t have to be born with perfect brows to get perfect brows. With only two products and a few steps, you’ll be on your way to natural-looking brows in no time. Just grab your Natural Brow Pomade, Natural Brow Powder & #8 Angled Brow & Liner Brush, & let’s get started!

Here's how to create perfect brows:

1. Define the Tail. Start with your Natural Brow Pomade & #8 Angled Brow & Liner Brush. Define the tail of your brow, where most people’s brows tend to be a bit more sparse. You want the end of your brow to come to a slight point for a clean shape.

Here Kayla's using our Ash Brown Brow Pomade

2. Structure the Arch. Next, use your pomade to create a nice, defined line across the top of your brow. Follow your brow’s natural arch or create your own outline to reach your desired shape.

3. Line the Lower Brow. With a small amount of pomade, draw a clean line along the lower part of the brow, being careful not to apply too much to the front. This will give the illusion of groomed brows even if you can't remember the last time you actually groomed them!

4. Fill in the Middle. Dip your #8 Angled Brow & Liner Brush into your Natural Brow Powder & fill in the center of your brow. Use short upward & horizontal strokes to mimic natural brow hairs.

Here Kayla's using our Ash Brown Brow Powder

5. Fill in the Front. Use short, upward strokes to fill in the front of your brows. Make sure to use light pressure as you’ll want this area to be lighter than the rest.

It’s as easy as that! In five simple steps, you can achieve perfect brows, naturally. Just remember - brows are sisters, not twins. It's completely normal to have one brow slightly higher or more arched than the other.

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by Diane Hansen on April 26, 2018

Eye brows look beautiful. Thanks for sharing this information on eye brows!


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