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Customer Spotlight

on May 09, 2016
We love hearing our customer's Root stories and would love to share some of those with you! We'll be spotlighting different customers and sharing their personal experiences with Root.
Today, we're introducing you to Root customer, Stormy Smith. Stormy is a 33 year old Pleasant Hill, Iowa resident who works in communications by day, and is a published author by night.
What motivated you to try Root?
I have been making a transition to natural products in all facets of my life and makeup was next on my list! I love supporting female entrepreneurs — especially from my own state — so it was a no-brainer!

What was the first product you tried and what was your first impression?
I was having really horrible dry skin this winter and messaged the Root team to ask what their recommendation would be. They hooked me up with Beauty Sleep Perfecting Serum and oh my goodness! I tell everyone about it! I won’t go a day without it now and I’ve been amazed at the impact a few drops each night has had on my skin. My initial impression of the Root products was that I loved their high quality packaging, everything smelled amazing and I felt good about putting it on my body.

What Root products do you consider to be your can't-live-without’s?
The Beauty Sleep Perfecting Serum, for sure. I also love the Pearl Powder Foundation. I never thought my dry skin would handle powder foundation, but after using my combo of Root products, it works great! Also, the mascara. I hadn’t worn mascara in two years because every kind I tried irritated my eyes. Now I’m back to wearing it and I LOVE the Root mascara. This also means that I can’t live without my R&R Makeup Remover!

What changes have you seen since using Root?
Overall, my complexion is better. I have less breakouts and it is more even. It is certainly more hydrated. I love the fact that I can use the tiniest amount of Pearl Powder and have all day coverage!

We are always developing new products. What is on your Root wish list?
I’d love body wash from Root! And more pressed eye shadows. I’m still getting used to the loose powder but I don’t feel like I get the pigment saturation I want from them all the time.

What have you noticed is different about Root compared to other make up brands that you have tried?
The inclusion of essential oils in their products is really fabulous. That is a huge differentiator for me because I believe in the power of oils. Also, the fact that while they are using quality ingredients, the price is still manageable. Also, I spend whole days at author signings and I’ve never had makeup hold up as well as Root. I’ll throw in an extra shout out for the Setting Silk!

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