How to Find Your Undertone

One of the greatest makeup mysteries is undertones. Choosing a foundation is a breeze once you have determined what yours is! Since expanding our shade range and renaming our Pearl Powder Foundations, we thought we’d break this undertone thing down, once and for all!

Let’s take it back to basics with the color wheel. Imagine the three primary colors: red, yellow and blue. While your skin won’t appear any of these colors at full strength, you can detect a slight cast of any of these 3 shades. One great way to determine this is to hold a white piece of paper up against your face. Not only will you be able to see your skin tone’s undertone more accurately when judged against true white, but it will cast a very subtle reflection onto the paper as well.

Seeing pink/red? Try our Warm shades. These are named W, followed by a number. 

Seeing more golden/olive tones? You’ll be best suited by Golden. These will be named G, followed by a number.

Picking up more blue/purple tones? Try our cool shades! These will be named C, followed by a number.

Not really seeing any color strongly, or all three, you might just be neutral! These will be called N, followed by a number.

This chart will help you to easily find your new Pearl Powder Foundation shade name based on your old one. As always, feel free to ask questions if you're still having trouble determining your undertone or shade! 

We have a video further explaining undertones up our YouTube channel now so head there for more pretty color visuals!

Ivy Boyd
Ivy Boyd


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