10 Best Gifts Under $20 for Her

by Kayla Reusche on November 14, 2019

Image of Top 10 Gifts Under $40

Nontoxic gifts for all the ladies on your list, all under $20!

Whether you broke the holiday decorations out the day after Halloween or are waiting until the first of December, the holiday season is upon us! We know how overwhelming holiday shopping can be, so we’re here to help. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your mom, your sister, your daughter or even yourself, we’ve got you covered. Giving lush gifts doesn’t have to be expensive. Here’s 10 gifts for her, all under $20.

Pretty Balm • $8

You can NEVER go wrong with gifting a Pretty Balm! Pretty Balms are a mix of a lipstick, lip gloss & chapstick, all in one. They’re perfect for a girl on the go as they’re easy to throw in your purse & apply in a hurry!

For your wife: 
Image of Tess Pretty Balm

Tess Pretty Balm

For a teen:
Image of Paradise Pretty Balm

Paradise Pretty Balm

For your mom:
Image of Loyal Pretty Balm

Loyal Pretty Balm

Pretty Polishing Mitt • $8

This skincare tool is a GAME CHANGER. The Pretty Polishing Mitt is the perfect gift for literally anyone! Just use it daily when cleansing for gentle exfoliation & smoother skin. Great for those with acne! At only $8, it’s the most perfect stocking stuffer.

Eyeshadow • $10-12

Between our loose & pressed eyeshadows, we have nearly 100 shades. With that many options, you’re bound to find the perfect shade for everyone on your list.

For your wife: 
Image of Tan Rose

Tan Rose

For a teen:
Image of Heirloom


For your mom:
Image of Dolce


100% Lash Mascara • $14

This one’s a no-brainer - everyone could use a good mascara! The best part about ours? It doesn’t cost $30. Our 100% Lash Natural & Organic Mascara is a must-have. Use a simple coat to lightly define the lashes or build it up for a clump-free dramatic eye. With conditioning lash ingredients, it helps strengthen & grow your lashes, too!

White Gold Illuminator • $14

This is by far one of our favs! Our White Gold Illuminator is a show-stopping highlight. If you have someone in your life obsessed with makeup but you personally have no idea what a highlighter is, trust us on this one. They’re gonna love this.

Vegan Shea Butter Lipsticks • $16

If your girl always has color on her lips, she’s going to need a Vegan Shea Butter Lipstick in her collection. Our creamy formula is naturally made with 100% minerals for a long-lasting lip. Don’t say we didn’t warn you - once you try our Vegan Shea Butter Lipsticks, there’s no turning back!

Mini Color Switch® • $14

The ultimate stocking stuffer, our Mini Color Switch® is a must-have for anyone who wears even the most basic makeup. It allows you to quickly remove product from your makeup brushes, helping to easily switch between colors with the same brush. In other words, it’s basically magic.

Antioxidant Boost Pomegranate + Blue Algae Eye Cream • $18

While this is one of the more expensive items on our list, it’s worth every penny. Our Antioxidant Boost Eye Cream is a GREAT gift for anyone in their 20’s & up! It’s packed full of anti-aging ingredients to nourish the skin around the eyes & to reduce fine lines & dark circles.

Beauty Sleep Original Argan + Helichrysum Perfecting Serum • $18

So you’re not sure what skin type your friends & fam have - what do you do? Gift them our Beauty Sleep Original Argan + Helichrysum Perfecting Serum. This oil is great for literally anything! It’s mega hydrating, helps soothe acne & eczema, reduces fine lines, encourages cell regeneration - there’s not much it can’t do! It’s definitely our best-selling skincare product for a reason.

XO Exotic Floral Silkening Lotion • $20

Our XO Exotic Floral Silkening Lotion feels so luxurious on the skin! Infused with our popular XO Perfume, it revitalizes your skin from head to toe while hydrating & improving the skin’s texture. It smells like an absolute dream!

Pretty Mist • $20

Our Pretty Mists are the ultimate facial mist. Set your makeup, use as a light facial toner, a light makeup remover, to mix with your Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation - this powerhouse does it all! Based on skin concern, we have a Pretty Mist for everyone. And if you’re able to spend a few extra dollars, our Pretty Mist Organic Rose Otto + Helichrysum Restoring Facial Mist is just $24 & a best-seller. With great anti-aging benefits, it’s a must-have gift for your wife or your mom!

For a teen: 
Image of Lime + Peppermint Pretty Mist

Lime + Peppermint

For aging skin:
Image of Rose Otto + Helichrysum Pretty Mist

Rose Otto + Helichrysum

For dry skin:
Image of Green Tea + Hibiscus Pretty Mist

Green Tea + Hibiscus

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